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Why Laptop Insurance Makes So Much Sense Today

We’ve far passed the time where laptops were a simple luxury. Now, in the third decade of the 21st century, it seems ever more impossible to live without our laptops. Whether you’re a high school student or a CEO of an industry giant, laptops play a massive role in our everyday life. 

But, like all manufactured digital devices, laptops are accident-prone tools very susceptible to damage, spills, and even power surges. Considering the steep prices on some laptops, many protect their laptops via laptop insurance. They don’t depend on luck because luck can be expensive. However, some folks aren't sure as to why they need an extra layer of protection. Read on if you’re one of these people. 

Warranty Will Disappoint You 

Many laptop owners, especially beginners, assume that no matter the accident, the warranty will fully repair their laptops with no charge at all. However, more experienced owners will tell you about taking their laptop to the service center, only to return disappointed at the fact that there’s no coverage under warranty. The fact is that the exclusions on the warranty are far more than the inclusions. We’ve listed some of them in the following. 

Mechanical Breakdown 

We all hate it when we’re so busy working on our class or work presentation when suddenly the screen goes dead. So many laptops have fallen victim to fatal errors such as the blue screen, leaving owners no choice but to repair them. If you’re lucky as an owner, a simple OS reinstall will do the trick. 

But, in many cases, you may find that there’s a problem with the VGA, the hard drive, or, God forbid, the motherboard. Since most warranties escape from shouldering responsibility here, it’s much wiser to purchase a reliable laptop insurance policy and at least have the relief of knowing that you don’t have to pay all the costs. 

Accidental Damage

The biggest advantage of laptops over personal computers is you can carry them anywhere with you. However, portability can be a double-edged sword. So many owners will tell you about the horror of accidentally dropping or stepping on their laptops and hearing the screen crack. Plus, your kids or pets may accidentally break the disk port or push the computer off the table, breaking it into pieces. 

Even if there’s still some time left on the warranty, you might still have to pay for a brand new screen right out of your pocket. What’s sad is that no parts, especially the screen, come cheap these days. That’s where laptop insurance comes in and could save you from all this trouble. 


Laptops are a sweet catch for thieves because they’re portable and sell quickly for a good price on the market. If you’re one of many who don’t have passwords on your device, then there are other worries in addition to the device itself. Your laptop may contain sensitive information such as your credit card details and your identity information. As you already know, no warranty will cover you against this horrible act. Hence, it’s better to get laptop insurance if you don’t want the thief to steal your laptop, your credit card information, and make some purchases in your name. 

Water Damage 

There’s a slight but essential distinction between water damage and accidental damage. Some manufacturer warranties cover unintentional damages, but none of them will even touch a laptop with water damage. Why? Because a liquid spill on an electronic device, such as a laptop, can create many unexpected problems and sometimes end the computer for good. 

What’s worse, it’s very likely to happen. We all have experienced how it feels to be consumed with work, watching a movie, or playing a game when suddenly we spill soda all over the device. Some are agile enough to dodge that bullet, but many aren't and will require laptop insurance for coverage. 

Bottom Line 

In this day and age, laptops have become a necessary personal item. But, considering how expensive and accident-prone they are, you need to guard them well. 

Since the warranty won’t be much help, the only wise solution is to purchase laptop insurance. However, you need to be looking for a laptop insurance provider that gives you a high coverage limit and covers all of the above cases. 

Of course, not all providers can provide you such coverage, but a reliable provider like Lycainsure can easily grant you that wish. Therefore, don’t overthink it and contact us right away to get a free quote or ask any questions.