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What Factors to Consider When Insuring Your iPhone

Today, we rely on our smartphones to do everything. But, we seem to forget how fragile they are. Pretty much everyone has or knows someone who has lost or damaged their iPhone. 

Naturally, many chose to insure their iPhones, and for a good reason. Why? Because they provide coverage far more comprehensively than the manufacturer’s warranty. However, with all the variety out there, you need to choose the right iPhone insurance provider. To do that, you should know what coverage is a must and how much it will cost.

What Should it Cover 

Just as your phone specs will vary depending on the make and model, your iPhone insurance coverage depends a lot on your provider. Ideally, you should be looking for one that covers the following four areas: 

Theft & Loss 

If you haven’t been a victim of iPhone robbery, you probably know someone who has. iPhones are a profitable hit for many because they’re easy to grab and rather expensive. On the other hand, you may realize you’ve lost your iPhone and can’t find it anywhere. In both cases, a reliable iPhone insurance provider will cover you. 

Accidental & Water Damage 

Many iPhone owners have experienced the terror of dropping their phones in water, watching it hit the hard sidewalk, or even stepping on it. It’s so common that it’s no longer a surprise when we hear someone has dropped their iPhone in the toilet. It’s better not to take your phone to the WC, but if you do, make sure you’re covered by iPhone insurance. 

Mechanical Breakdown 

You may find iPhone users here and there complaining about glitches or breakdowns. It’s wiser to get insurance because you don’t know what caused the problem or if the warranty will cover it. 

How Much Will it Cost 

Logically, you’ll have to pay something to protect your phone, but it’s well worth it. Why? Because a single screen may cost +£100. But, you can get good iPhone insurance for as low as £5/month and significantly bring down the repair cost. There are other factors as well: 

Maximum Coverage 

The maximum coverage is the highest limit for your claim. Every iPhone insurance provider is different. For example, some iPhone insurance providers only cover up to £500, while others cover more than £1000. However, you should look for an insurance policy with the highest coverage amount. 

Standard Excess 

The Standard excess is your share of the cost. Some providers charge fixed fees, while others base it on the level of damage. You can pay a higher excess and lower your monthly cost, but you shouldn’t make it so high to be beyond your budget.

Bottom Line 

We’ve become so dependent on our little devices that it’s impossible to imagine life without them. Since unexpected accidents are common and unpredictable, the most sensible solution is to purchase iPhone insurance. By observing the above tips, you can choose a reliable iPhone insurance provider in line with your needs and budget. 

Luckily, you don’t need to look very hard because Lycainsure can provide all of these benefits and more to help you protect your iPhone. Get more information about our iPhone insurance policy here!