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Top 5 Gadget Insurance Providers in the UK

Over the last decade, smartphones, laptops, cameras, and digital gadgets have gradually taken root in our everyday lives. Its role now transcends everything, from nationality to culture, from generation to even religion. Therefore, it makes sense for anyone in this era to protect their device from harm/accident. That’s why the wise decision is to find a gadget insurance provider.

Of course, finding the best gadget insurance provider is as hard as finding one in any other business. Consequently, individuals need to take into account several factors before deciding on the most suitable option for their device.

First, they need to consider if the provider actually covers their device and what policies it offers. Second, since money is always a deciding factor, they should figure out the monthly cost and the maximum coverage to see whether it is it. Finally, they should compare gadget insurance providers and then make their final decision based on these factors. That’s precisely what we’ve done here.


Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

Ripe Photography

Ripe Photography is a well-known gadget insurance provider n the UK offering instant and worldwide protection. However, its range of coverage is only limited to accidental damage and theft, meaning there’s no coverage in case of loss, mechanical breakdown or liquid damage. You can get a standard insurance plan by paying £2,86/month. The maximum coverage is about £60,000, but it’s only limited to cameras since Ripe Photography doesn’t cover any other gadgets.


Assetsure protects against accidental damage, theft, loss, and mechanical breakdown, but there’s no coverage for liquid damage. However, you can get instant coverage from anywhere in the world by paying £5,19/month. Assetsure offers a standard plan that can cover up to £100,000. However, if you have any device other than a camera, it won’t be covered.


Debenhams is a standard, trusted gadget insurance in the UK and one of the best gadget insurance providers in the UK. Unlike the two providers above, Debenhams offers insurance for any type of gadget, including smartphones and laptops. With a £3,75 monthly payment, you can protect any device against accidental damages, mechanical breakdown, and liquid damages. However, if any of those gadgets become stolen or lost, Debenhams offers no coverage. In any case, let’s hope that your gadget is not too expensive, since Debenham only covers up to £2,500.


Despite not being as popular, Insurance2Go offers a standard package to cover your devices against commercial use, theft, loss, mechanical breakdown, and accidental damage. With a £2,72 monthly payment, it seems to be a reasonable option, but its coverage spectrum is only limited to smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Furthermore, even if your device qualifies for an insurance plan, Insurance2Go can only cover up to £4,000.


Last but not least, Lycainsure is a valuable gadget insurance provider in the UK. It’s an addition from the LycaGroup that offers the best of both worlds in the insurance industry. A significant upside to Lycainsure is the vast coverage spectrum that includes cameras, smartphones, laptops, iPhones, Macbook, e-readers, headphones, and many other gadgets.

You can insure any of these gadgets against accidental damage, liquid damage, and loss. Plus, you can safely travel anywhere in the world with your gadget because Lycainsure offers travel coverage. What’s more, it provides one of the most comprehensive theft coverage plans in the industry. With Lycainsure, you can insure any of your valuable gadgets instantly and at highly competitive rates.

Bottom Line

In an era where we’re relying more and more on our electronic devices to get us through life, it’s only natural for us to want to protect them. A reliable gadget insurance provider can assure us that these valuable tools are safe against any harm. However, there are so many different options on the market that choosing the most suitable one for your case can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s crucial to find the best gadget insurance provider offering the most coverage for your device against a vast number of dangers.

Lycainsure is a prime example of such a company and is in a position to protect all of your gadgets. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.