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Five Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Game Console

Mechanical Breakdown 

You cannot be a pro gamer and claim you’ve never fallen victim to sudden breakdowns in your game console. From Atari to the latest PlayStation or Xbox, we’ve all experienced overheating and mechanical breakdown. Plus, PlayStation or Xbox lovers can tell you all about the frustration of the unexplained Yellow Light of Death or Red Rings of Death. 

Again, many gamers will tell you about the disappointment of taking their console to the service center, only to find out that the warranty doesn’t cover the damage. But, what you don’t know is that many game console insurance providers can save you from all of this trouble. 

Accidental Damage 

We’ve all seen our share of gamers who can’t gracefully take the loss in a FIFA match. So many remote controls have been thrown and banged to the ground. We don’t have to tell you about overbeating the joystick buttons. Plus, your kids or pets may just accidentally break the disk port or push the console off the stand. The sad fact is that game consoles are heavily accident-prone. 

So, now you need the service center to fix it. But, if the warranty is up or there’s just no hope of fixing it, your only choice is to get a new one. You undoubtedly know how expensive they are these days. Hence, it’s good to have a game console insurance provider to help you. 


With the shortage of new game consoles, the prices have surged to somewhere around £350. When you think about how easy it is to sell it, you realize why it’s such a sweet take for criminals. But, it’s not just the device itself. Your game console contains sensitive information such as your credit card info and your identity in this modern age. 

Of course, you don’t want the thief to steal your console and also charge your account. And, don’t even bother with the warranty because there’s no hope there. The best way is to ensure your game console and save yourself some headache. 

Water Damage 

You may believe water damage is the same as accidental damage, but it isn’t. The reason: Some manufacturer warranties do cover unintentional damages to the device, but no manufacturer will protect you against water damage. Why? Because liquid damage to an electronic gadget can cause many unforeseen problems. In most cases, it means the device is finished for good. 

What’s worse, it’s very likely to happen. For example, you may be so engrossed playing Resident Evil, that you accidentally spill beer on the device. Since manufacturers don’t want any part of that, it’s best to ensure your game console. 


We’ve mentioned all of these reasons but haven’t pointed out the most obvious one yet. As stated before, the manufacturer won’t cover you for any water damages, thefts, or even accidental damages. Moreover, there are many loopholes in their policy for mechanical breakdowns. Therefore, naturally, any major accident will leave you with a hefty bill. However, a game console insurance provider can easily take that burden off your shoulders. 

Bottom Line 

Game consoles have become a necessary item in every household. But considering how expensive they are, you need to protect them. As you already know, the manufacturer warranty won’t be of much help. 

Therefore, it’s best to ensure your game console. However, it’s wiser to seek a policy covering all of your gadgets, not just the console. That way, your smartphone, game console, laptop, camera, and other devices are safe and well protected under one single policy. Of course, not all providers can give you such coverage, but a reliable provider like Lycainsure can easily grant you that wish. So, don’t overthink it and contact us right away to get a free quote or ask any questions.