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A Tablet or a Smartphone: Which One Should I Buy for My Kids?

Both tablets and smartphones are absolute necessities in today’s world. We can use them to search on the internet, watch movies, play games and even shop online. But, adults are concerned about giving too much free time to their kids with a tablet or a smartphone. If you’re one of those people and wonder which one is better for your kids, please read on. 


Tablets basically can do everything that a smartphone does, except making calls via the cellular network. The upside to kids using a tablet is they cannot accidentally call your boss and create an awkward situation.

In addition, the bigger display screen allows them to fully enjoy watching cartoons and movies. Despite the popular conception, smartphone screens are unsuitable for watching long films or cartoons and will damage your child’s vision. 

However, the downside is that kids may spend too much time on the tablet and become addicted. We’ve all seen kids who carry tablets instead of allowing their imagination to flourish by playing more natural games. 

Plus, one of the biggest benefits of purchasing such a device for your kids is to know where they are at all times. Since most tablets don’t come with a cellular network, you cannot do that. 


When it comes to functionality, smartphones mostly score higher than tablets. As long as you have access to a data network and other services, you can stay connected and do everything you want with your pocket-sized computer. Since they’re smaller than tablets, your kid can easily carry them anywhere they go. You can directly make and receive calls because you don’t need any third-party app to do so. Plus, the data network allows you to keep track of their location at all times so that you know they’re safe and sound.

 Although you can take photos with either a tablet or a smartphone, the tablet’s camera can in no way match the quality of a standard smartphone camera. 

However, they’re not suitable for watching movies. Another problem with smartphones is that they’re not the best choice for photo or video editing projects. Because of their smaller screens, smartphones only support limited versions of high-end graphic apps, and they don’t have the best resolution. 

Bottom Line 

So, which one is better? Well, the question doesn’t have an exact answer; if you’re going to constantly keep in touch with your children and provide them online access away from the WiFi, then a smartphone is the way to go. However, if you’re only planning on watching movies and playing games, then tablets are a better choice. 

There’s one keynote. You already know how accident-prone and fragile smartphones and tablets are, especially when you leave them with your kids. Since the manufacturer warranty won’t cover you in many cases, it’s necessary to purchase a tablet or smartphone insurance. Lycainsure can provide you such protection for as little as £3/month.